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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  April 13, 2014 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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so lisa, tell us more about this investigation. two separate investigations? >> that is true. right now, we are live outside the jewish community center in overland park and we have confirmed that two people have been shot. one at the jewish community center and one at shiloam center. two people dead. we know one other person was taken to the hospital in critical condition and we are told one person in custody so right now we're definitely right now still collecting more information and the shot, the gun fire started about 1:45 this afternoon and then holding auditions for casey superstars which is a dance competition here locally and also having dance recitals for 7 and 8-year-olds so it's a community center full of young teens and they were on lockdown after the shots started. some of the kids were taken into locker rooms and told to lay on
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the floor as the shots rang out in the parking lot so, again, we are still collecting information and two people we know confirmed dead and one person in critical condition. >> and then, lisa, are you able to tell me the sequence of events? two locations and give me an idea how close or how far away the two locations are but did the shooting take place at the jewish community center and then moved on to the elderly home facility? can you give me a sequence of sevents? >> that's what we believe. shots were reported shortly thereafter at the senior living facility. again, one person shot and killed at both locations. >> okay. and this dance recital or the auditions taking place at the jewish community cent, any idea of how many people, you know, were there? describe the screen for me. >> yes. we talked to a 15-year-old number 2 and she went through
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her audition and the shots started shortly thereafter. that's when they were told to go to the locker room and on lockdown. the entire community center went on lockdown. >> all takes place on the eve of passover. clear lie a lot of people at the jewish community center. how far away is the other location where the shooting took place? >> it's less than a mile away. it is less than a mile. in fact, there are a lot of people who frequent that area. it's a community center. a lot of people live in that area come here to the community center. >> okay. and now you told me that there might be someone in custody. is there or is there not? >> we are told that one person is in custody and we were also told that possibility that one gunman was also shot and injured but we are still efforting information in that area as far as the gunmen, how many gunmen and who was shot, who's injured.
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>> at the jewish community cent, you mentioned everyone was asked to hit the ground. it was in lockdown. is it still? >> i'm sorry? >> earlier you said at the jewish comment center everyone was asked to hit the ground. that it was in lockdown, the facility in lockdown. is it still? >> no, no. they have released the lockdown. we have talked with people and young teenagers coming out of the community center and one point they were in the locker room and then the young girls were allowed to leave the locker room but still forced to stay inside the community center and within the last 20 or 30 minutes we saw lines of cars coming out as young people and parents were leaving so at this point i believe they have evacuated the community center and allowed all of the young people and young people to leave and probably about 30, 40 minutes ago we saw crime scene investigators move on to the property to process the scene. >> horrible situation. as officials telling you that
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two are dead and one in critical condition as a result of two separate shootings? >> yes. >> all right. lisa benson, thank you so much for with our affiliate kshb there out of the oakland park area of kansas city. we'll keep a close watch on that developing situation there. another breaking news situation we continue to watch, the volatility in ukraine. just moments ago, cnn confirmed that the u.n. security council will meet in about four hours from now on the crisis in ukraine. that coming after two days of violence in the eastern part of that country. pro-russian protesters have taken over several government buildings and police stations. senior united nations correspondent richard roth joining us live now. so richard, russia actually demanded this meeting. what have you learned about what they want to get out of the meeting besides, i guess, publicly stating their case?
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>> reporter: well, that's right, because the senior officials in moscow have made it clear that they feel russian citizens are going to be under attack after ukraine's leader says force will be used against the activists and others taking over buildings. there have been increasing violence in the last few days and weeks. this was going to come to a head for russia which is watched ukraine demand at least eight or nine united nations or general assembly meetings. a troubling sign is could be asking for meetings. we don't know if russia says we have to take military means because of the threats. this is definitely an urgent security council meeting with unknown consequences right now. it's a closed door meeting. we'll certainly get a better idea afterwards as to the level of rhetoric or action that moscow might be threatening. >> and so, richard, help us understand here. russia is stating the case its
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citizens being harassed here. is that right? >> reporter: that's right. well, russia has insisted that the trouble in ukraine whether by fastist, activists. and that is why russia moved in to protect its citizens in crimea. rush says it strongly condemns attempts of using force with the help of militants, criminal orders of the president is how russia puts it. so we know there are thousands of russian tanks, planes on the border. they, russia insisted it is not going to use them, but event vs a way of spiraling out of control sometimes with these issues. >> all right. richard roth, thank you so much. keep us posted again. that u.n. security council meeting per request from russia. thank you.
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all right. now to the search for flight 370. the search area is now getting bigger after days of shrinking. we are talking about this aerial visual search. today officials in australia said that visual search area expanded to a 22,000 square mile area. almost 40% bigger than yesterday's search area on the surface. but it may not change the underwater search. the big focus there is still trying to detect pings consistent with the plane's black boxes that crews last heard on tuesday. an official with the company that builds pingers tells cnn the batteries are most likely dead or close to it. erin mcloaughlin following this for us. why did they expand the search area? >> reporter: hi, fredericka. no specific reason given by
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authorities here in australia. they have been refining the search field for debris based on the calculations of oceanic drift and important to point out there's two searches going on here. there's the search for the underwater pings and then the search for debris and it's a debris search field expanded by some 6,000 square miles which isn't all that much when you consider that the current size of the debris field is a quarter of what it was ten days ago and they're narrowing down that search field. less successful of finding anything. hours and hours days and days of meticulously combing the waters by air and by sea, not a single sign of this plane to be found. they are contending with, though, some 36 days, 37 days, rather, of oceanic drift there, frederi fredericka. >> erin, any indication what kinds of discussions are taking place and when they might move
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this search to a new phase? >> reporter: no timetable given at the moment. we know that the australian vessel and the british vessel continuing to comb the waters trying to detect any pings. efforts by air, as well. surveillance planes overhead trying to detect signals from the buoys and continuing to do that as long as they believe there's any possibility that those black box battery pingers have yet to expire and no timetable for that. we are some 37 days since this plane went missing. the black box batteries have an operational life of some 30 days and can't be all that far off from them deploying the underwater autonomous vehicles. >> thanks so much, erin. we'll go take you to ukraine. again, just four hours away from
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could be a u.n. security council meeting called upon by russia this after two days of violence, rising tensions in ukraine. gunmen storming buildings in two towns. what is the international reaction, next? i procrastinated...
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plus, get free delivery, and sleep train's 100-day low price guarantee. you'll never find an interest rate lower than sleep train's interest free for 3 event, on now. ♪ sleep train ♪ ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ we want to bring you up to date on breaking news out of ukraine. the u.n. security council will meet about the escalating tensions in that country. the move coming after two days of violence in eastern ukraine where pro-russian gunmen stormed buildings in two towns. pentagon correspondent barbara starr joining me now on the phone. i also want to bring into the
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equation, nick payton walsh in donetsk, ukraine. nick, what are you hearing? >> reporter: on the ground here it is remarkable the pace of change in the 36 hours. i think many people expect pro-russian activists not pay much respect to the deadline for 9:00 tomorrow night local time to quit the government buildings seized and then amnesty and suggested a bit of governmental reform and decentralize power and all seem to be moving towards the referendum and bringing them closer towards russia and violent here and nearly ten town where is the protesters have taken over key facilities. one today which the interior minister said was going to be retaken for an anti-terrorism operation. cross fire there with what would have been pro-russian militants.
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one a soldier was killed and five injured and inside the town no sign really of any weakening of the pro-russian militants and hold two key buildings and a neighboring town which they took by force yesterday and pro-russian protesters holding that station, as well. playing music. having the pro-separatist flag p flying. no government sign presence here and all eyes on kiev and the central government to muster the troops and manpower required tomorrow if the deadline is not met like many people think it won't to intervene and a huge number of towns and huge task ahead of them. >> all right. thank you so much. let's check in with barbara starr. what is the reaction coming from washington? >> reporter: fred, i think all eyes on what happens at the u.n. security council in four hours
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with an extraordinary sunday night at the request of russia. the russian foreign min strer tweeting today that ukrainian authorities must in his words stop war against their people. this is the language that has washington concerned, the language of russia claiming that the ukrainian authorities putting it in a security risk and worry the u.s., worry that russia is looking for provocation to send the 40,000 troops across the border into eastern ukraine. this is what the u.s. wants to avoid. this is why you're seeing such strong diplomatic efforts last -- at the end of last week from secretary of state john kerry, from the white house, vice president biden scheduled to go to kiev, the capital of ukraine this week. but the real question is will any of this diplomatic maneuvering make a difference at the end of the day? what every u.s. official will
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tell you this is all up to what vladimir putin decides he wants to do. he has the troops, the capability. does he want to send them in? fred? >> all right. thank you so much. appreciate it so much. we'll be right back with much more.
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final round of the masters is underway.
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live from augusta with the very latest. all right. spill the beans. what is it looking like out there? >> reporter: hi, fredericka. it is very, very interesting out there right now. jordan speed has a two-stroke lead over bubba watson. they were the co-leaders and jordan is playing absolutely amazing. all week i'm talking about this young kid, 20 years old. he could become the youngest-ever player to win the masters. he would become the first, first-timer in the masters to win since fuzzy zeller in 1979. history could be made today. we have been talking about jordan's composure. yes, he is 20 years old. very young. when he won his first pga tour event last year to earn the invitation to the masters, that's masters. he didn't drive a car. he maintained maturity and
1:22 pm
composure. a lot of that comes from his family life and situation. jordan has a younger sister who's about seven years younger than him, ellie, she is developmentally challenged and jordan says she is his biggest fan and it's because of her that he -- it remains so well grounded and he remain that is composed kid that we see out there giving interviews and how he handles himself and how we're seeing him play today. keep your eye on this one. history could be made. >> oh my gosh! from a 20-year-old? that's amazing. we'll be watching. thank you so much. appreciate it. all right. hopefully after the break we'll also get more answers on the biggest worldwide mystery. that of that missing plane. and it's an incredibly difficult task. >> precisely the civilian -- you don't have to push. >> tensions with malaysia. officials reaching a breaking point. what questions they don't want
1:23 pm
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hi mister tompkins. todd? you're fired. well, gotta run. geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more. australian officials say search crews are combing through
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an expanded section. and the one shred of evidence officials have, the four pings consistent with black boxes haven't been heard since tuesday. well, this whole mystery led to more questions than answers and the malaysian government appeared reluctant or unable to release details. nic robertson has more on the tension. >> reporter: how are you? >> i'm having a pc later. >> reporter: absolutely. >> i'm doing a walkabout. >> reporter: with that, the man heading malaysia's hunt for missing 370 is off. the defense minister of malaysia and acting transport minister is hosting an international arms fair, from tanks to guns. reporters invited along. some questions apparently not so
1:28 pm
welcomed. when were the civilian -- you don't have to push. as the tour continues, the aides advice us to wait for the press conference. that's good. because the question he refused to answer, when the military told civilians they picked up flight 370 on the radar, is increasingly contested question. precisely when did the military inform the department of civil aviation what they saw on the radar? >> i said earlier this is on the -- next. >> reporter: no answer then. he doesn't want flight 370 questions. but as the conference continues, turns out some flight 370 questions are okay. tell us, are you any closer to deciding who will extract the data from the black boxes? >> we are closer to that issue. the attorney general is in the u.k. discussing exactly that. >> reporter: two days ago you said even the passengers were
1:29 pm
still under investigation. a week ago the i.g. of police said passengers cleared from investigation. what is it? >> let me clarify. unless we find more information, specifically on data in the black box, i don't think any chief of police would be in a position to say that it's cleared. >> reporter: are you in a position to rule out terrorism. >> we can have a separate session with cnn later. >> reporter: questions still to be answered. n ic robertson, kuala lumpur, malaysia. >> lots of mixed messages out of malaysia. now in the southern indian ocean the visual search area expanded while a fifth day passes without anymore pinger sounds. when's next? let's go to the panel. miles o'brien is a cnn aviation analyst. allen diehl is former air force investigator and author of a book about air crash investigators. captain van girly, a retired navy oceanographer and david
1:30 pm
susi is a cnn safety analyst and author of "why planes crash." thank you all for joining me. david, what would provoke this expanded visual search area in your view? >> well, i think that we are looking at just the movement of debris. you have winds and currents moving new ings around. naturally separated itself and i think you have had a reaction to that. it's a good move on their part. >> miles, in your view, is this encouraging or grasping at straws? >> probably a little more of the latter, unfortunately, fredericka. i mean, they have looked in a smaller area and no luck and now a bigger area and tells you they're not finding anything. this is extroiaordinary to go ts length of time, where we presume the crash site to be, we presume, and the pinging evidence seems to be solid and not a shred of debris on the
1:31 pm
surface based on any of the models predicted for the currents. where's the debris? i suspect most is at the bottom of the ocean. >> day 38 now. seems to be frustrating and searchers have to come up with a new plan. hoping to find debris. but is this also predicated on the fact there's no pinger sounds in five days and so this really is the only recourse to continue to search or widen the search on the surface? >> fredericka, i think you have hit it on the head. they might as well keep looking for the surface, floating debris. i said i'm not sure there ever was any. depends on how the airplane entered the water. >> captain, are you in agreement? sounds like there's agreement of perhaps this plane went as a whole into the water and there is no real debris field. >> well, i mean, these are kind
1:32 pm
of questions to know in a month or two when we find it on the ocean bottom. it is important to remember there's three different searches going on. the first is surface debris. it seems to me the australians are trying to move the area around to check places they haven't looked before. the second search for the pinger locaters. that's been successful. don't downplay the fact of solid contact. maybe within a week, the very meticulous search of the ocean bottom. >> you are not discouraged there isn't a redetection of that pinger song, last sound, in five days? >> no. again, when you look at the manufacturer said on the expected battery life, we are probably beyond that now and the australians are slow and debris. we heard it definitely or at least very sure we heard it last
1:33 pm
saturday for that two-hour period. that says we are in the right area. >> david, what kind of further research can be done on those last pinger locations if they're within a 17-mile radius? what can researchers do and searchers do with that last bit of information to try to pinpoint a pinger or a black box, whatever originated that sound? >> well, there's a couple of things. we talked about triangulation before and when you have one point, you have a straight line to work with, so if you put circles around that, put that two-mile stretch within the three-mile dome or so, two and a half-mile dome it limits the options of where it is emanating from. that's a good piece. the 17 miles located around, i believe they're artifacts. remember that the pinger locater, there's a requirement that it transmits to two and a half to three miles from its location but that's a minimum requirement. that doesn't mean it doesn't go
1:34 pm
further than that. it's 160 decibels which that's as loud as a gunshot and ten times as much as the ocean requires to put hearing protection on for a human being. granted, this is underwater but the fact is, it's a very loud sound. simulations we have heard are just that, simulations. at 36.5 or 37.5 kilohertz, that's as high as a dog whistle and encouraged with it. confident that's where the sound came from. >> allen, in your view, now's the time to bring in new air assets, air force assets made available. to what degree? >> if they continue to look for the surface debris, there's limitations of the p-3. the air force have m-130s and you could send it all day long and they don't have to keep coming back for refueling so that would be something that the
1:35 pm
australians might want to bring about requesting if they're going to continue to search the surface for debris. >> that could take place smul t simultaneous, allen? >> absolutely. the surface debris and as everybody else mentioned, we are talking about the if you will listening to the pingers. i suspect the "echo" a submarine rescue and recovery vessel will probably start matchi inmapping location. >> miles, what do you expect this week we are likely to see in some sort of turning point of the investigation? we are entering week five. >> i think what you will see this week is the decision will be made that the pingers have definitely stopped. which i think we all have kind of shared the feeling that that's already happened but give
1:36 pm
it a few more days in case something should happen and then begin the process of switching out from this towed pinger locater to the sonar mapping to begin the laborious process of mapping this area. logically they begin where they got the great two and a half hour pinging event because that's the strongest card they have in the deck. and they'll probably begin the search out from there and then the question becomes, how long do you keep this aerial search up? that's an open question. >> all right. captain gurley, last word on what you see happening potentially this week. >> completely agree with miles. this is the week where we have a decision made on the time to start looking on the ocean bottom. as allen said, the echo can help out. she has extra capabilities and i think the biggest open question is how much longer for the debris field? >> captain, allen, david, miles, thanks to all of you gentlemen.
1:37 pm
appreciate it. we'll be right back. i was a firefighter in philly for seven years. you get to a fire scene and the firefighters are there to put out the fire. the salvation army and the red cross assist the people once the fire is out. but there just wasn't anyone to help the other part of the family. i would see how upset the people were about their animals. where is my pet? and then where's it going to go? these are people's children. they've just lost everything. they shouldn't then be forced to lose their pets, as well. we have a dog displaced by a fire, a chihuahua. i'm headed to the scene now. we respond 24/7, 365 a year. we do for pets what the red cross does for people. wept in the basement and found the dog hiding. once the fear's under control, we're able to look for the
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want to update you on breaking news out of the kansas. three people have been killed in shootings at two jewish facilities in oakland park, kansas. 12 miles south of kansas city. the fbi is on the scene helping local law enforcement. the shootings come a day before passover begins. george howell joining us from chicago with more on this. george? >> reporter: fredericka, keep in mind, the jewish centers, many teenagers were in the buildings at the times and teens told to lay on the ground, take shelter. as you mentioned, as cnn has confirmed, we know that three people are dead from the shooting. one person of interest has been taken into custody. and again, it happened at two different locations all of this in the overland park area of kansas city. you know that's very busy place there in that area. a lot of people were around. again, to our information at this point, we know that three
1:43 pm
people were killed in this shooting. we are still talking to sources there, contacts to get more information. but at this point, we are looking to see what investigators have determined and we'll bring it to you as we get more information. >> george, the belief is that one gunman hit the two different locations back to back? >> reporter: that seems to be the case. and an unrelated story, but i want to bring it into the context and also looking into this. whether it's related, unclear. keep in mind that in the kansas city area, there have been other shootings on highways. at least 20 different shootings since march. whether that's related, still unclear but just adding that into the context, a question we'll be asking of investigators in this particular case, though, fredericka, we know that at least three people were killed in this shooting, one person of interest has been taken into custody. >> george, thanks so much out of chicago for that update. appreciate that. other stories we're following, the ntsb investigating the cause of last week's deadly collision between
1:44 pm
a fed-ex truck and a bus carrying high school seniors in northern california. ten people including five opportunities were killed. blood samples from both drivers could provide information of whether drugs or alcohol might have been in the systems and stressed that investigators aren't coming to premature conclusions about the cause of that accident. and the cdc says there are hundreds more cases of sick passengers on cruise ships. three outbreaks of illness affecting more than 100 people each have been reported aboard two cruise liners. two of them in back to back cruises on the same ship. the double dose of ill-fated cruises struck the grandeur of the seas on successive voyages. a royal ride for the duke and duchess of cambridge. the couple on the boat as you see there. big red as it's known. design for shallow water and
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katherine squashed rumors she is expecting another baby because during a wine tasting event she commented how nice it was to drink alcohol again. all right. capturing a money shot of a celebrity is no easy task but my next guest made it look so easy throughout his career. i'll talk with the legendary photographer and see what advice he has for morgan spur lock and took a job as a celebrity photographer recently. >> actress kat graham is used to being surrounded by fantasy. for her, there's no denying the reality of war. >> i come from refugees on both sides of my family. my grandmother was in the holocaust. >> reporter: graham recently traveled to one of the largest refugee camps in jordan meeting syrian families displaced by combat hit home. >> seeing the people, i could
1:46 pm
have been one of them. the biggest surprise to them is i was expecting to see the people that were completely broken. people that had lost everything and were hopeless but instead i saw these people that were resilient. >> reporter: like a young boy. his family was forced to flee syria he could only draw cards and marbles. >> after we were done playing with the marbles, ibrihim gave me one. he only had like eight. i bring it with me everywhere i go. so this is the marble. just a little marble but i feel like it holds the whole world in it for me.
1:47 pm
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1:50 pm
the relationship between celebrities and the photographers who live to take pictures of them is certainly a love/hate relationship. there are those stars that enjoy the attention of being famous and then the other end
1:51 pm
celebrities like kanye west or halle berry who had it with the paparazzi. west is serving probation for an altercation with a photographer and berry urged lawmakers for tougher laws for photographers who harass children of celebrities and the lawmakers did just that. are these photographers just doing their jobs? and if they are, at what cost? that's what cnn's morgan spurlock explores tonight at 10:00 eastern time taking the first job working in hollywood in the world of paparazzi and a veteran photographer shows him what it's like to chase a kardashi kardashian. >> inside of every magazine this week, there's some story pertaining to khloe kardashian. >> should i try to stay back or get out of the car? >> draws too much attention to yourself. better to sit in the car. >> i'm looking.
1:52 pm
i'm looking. >> back door. wait. oh, wait. get out the way. >> and interesting. my next guest says some of today's photographers do that job for money and not necessarily for the art. ron galila is a legendary celebrity photographer and captured this iconic photo. everyone knows that photo. just one of many legendary photos that he's taken over a span of 50 years and it's also the cover of his book "jackie, my obsession." and his new book, "pop, rock and dance" features more iconic photos. oh so great to see you. appreciate your time. >> thank you, fredericka. >> okay. so, you know, morgan spurlock finds out what it is to be a
1:53 pm
celebrity photographer but is that what it was to be a paparazzo in your day? you've been called the king or the godfather of paparazzi. this is a very different kind of animal these days, isn't it? >> yes, definitely. it changed. when i was shooting in the '60s and the '70s, it was one to one to celebrities. there was room to photograph the celeb ties. it was great photo journalism. nowadays, with these herds and gangs around celebrities, it's not the best way -- i don't know how they make a living and i wouldn't do it. i would go to where the celebrity -- where the photographers are not there, go to the airport, get exclusive pictures. that's what counts. exclusive pictures are original. they're what's going to sell instead of getting the same pictures like these gangs do of paparazzi. >> well, you know, even spurlock
1:54 pm
described it as a wolf pack. a school of piranhas that feed and move on to someone else and you said you tried to do in it a polite way but, you know, jackie o. wasn't that thrilled about your presence and sued you a couple times and managed to get a restraining order. marlon brando broke your saw? >> yes. >> but you kept going on about it? >> jackie really loved me taking pictures of her. she wasn't hated me. she loved my pictures, too. she was a great subject for me and it's only when i took pictures of john jr. on a bike and her on a bike that she said to the agent, smash his camera. she doesn't want her children exposed to publicity. >> wow. do you feel like many of these paparazzo today, they're kind of crossing the line. does it bother you much of what
1:55 pm
they do? >> yes. >> how does it kind of taint your -- >> i think they go too far because they over expose the stars and they harass them in a way, getting their way, and i didn't do that. i was more polite. i shot off guard pictures that mean more getting celebrities as themselves. in their environment. >> and money is a huge motivation today. >> yes, yes. >> huge. >> i think the photographers today, the paparazzi do it for the money. i did not. i was an artist. >> what was your motivation? >> pardon? >> what was your motivation? if not money. >> i love, i loved the medium of photography. photo journalism. i liked to capture celebrities as themselves. with the beauty of their face. their expressions. that's the real beauty. not harass them or get in their way. the photographers today,
1:56 pm
paparazzi, look for -- they provoke them in a way to get the salable picture. i did not do that. that's vulgarity today. they photograph the stars falling on cellulite and this and that. i did not do that. >> and we are looking at your library of photos. tasteful and beautiful. while i'm sure you had someone throwing you a fist and throwing lawsuits, you have a lot of celebrities that embraced what you were doing and capturing beautiful images of them. what an honor to talk with you. thanks so much. >> thank you. >> again, the look at today's paparazzo, watch morgan spurlock tonight 10:00 p.m. eastern time right here on cnn. that's going to do it for me. thank you for being with me this afternoon. the next hour of "cnn newsroom" continues in new york with don lemon after the break. peace of mind is important when you're running a successful business.
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hello, everyone. i'm don lemon. we begin with two new breaking news stories. first, shots fired outside kansas city and three people are dead. talking about overland park, kansas. a jewish community center of greater kansas city. it only happened a short time ago. straight to george howell here to tell us about this. watching the breaking developments right now. what have you learned? >> reporter: well, don, keeping in touch with the sources, what we know at this point, three people died in this series of shootings happening in two locations and this point investigators have a person of interest. taken into custody. want to point out that this happened at the jewish community center also an assisted living facility and we understand that a dance recital and competition was actually taking place at the time. there were several teenagers, people in the building. the building is on